HoliDNA and some more holiday cheer


Dec 2017

HoliDNA and some more holiday cheer

🎵 It’s the most…wonderful time….of the year🎵. And it was most definitely a wonderful evening last Wednesday as a group of the DNA ladies got together for our annual HoliDNA get-together at The Belmont Bar on Granville Street.

The drinks were flowing, some yummy appetizers kept us happily nibbling, and chats about upcoming holiday plans got everyone in the holiday spirit. We’ve got one more event lined up next Thursday at 5pm – be sure to come along for our Happy Hour and final gathering before the end of the year. And if you just can’t get enough of all the holiday cheer, take a peek at the Vancouver Sun’s jam-packed holiday season lowdown. 


Photo credit: Emrys Horton, EPH Photography


Sep 2017

What you Missed at Provence Marinaside

On a glorious sunny Monday lunchtime, a handful of our DNA ladies got together for a power lunch at Provence Marinaside – the restaurant that prides itself on the ability to “journey to the southern french mediterranean, without jet-lag.” Swapping stories about backgrounds and professions over a lip-smacking offering of seafood dishes with a french twist, this lunch and mingle was a chance for DNA ladies, old and new, to get to know each other. While its prime spot overlooking Yaletown marina coupled with its sophisticated ambience, made the perfect interlude to everyone’s work day.

Hint: Try the Crab and Shrimp cakes.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join some DNA ladies with a family-style Caribbean dinner at our next event: Calabash Bistro on Thursday, October 18.

What You Missed at DNA Night at the Races


Aug 2017

What You Missed at DNA Night at the Races

Big fancy hats and fascinators were on full display Friday night at Hasting Racecourse as the DNA ladies (and gentlemen) went to the races! Everyone settled into the reserved DNA grandstand box seats and sipped on champagne to start the evening. Since most were new to wagering, it was great that Hasting Racecourse has “betting experts” on hand to come around and teach you the basics. Everyone learned the difference between betting on a horse to win vs. place vs. show and what exactly a superfecta is.

Once armed with the wagering know-how, and a $2 bet courtesy of DNA, everyone went ahead and picked their horses. In between races everyone enjoyed a drink – with a mint julep being a classic for the event and enjoyed a bite of food as well including burgers and sandwiches with fries. Easy to eat while cheering between races. Some people won and some people didn’t, but everyone had a great time. And, of course, everyone looked fabulous as well!

A Farewell Message from the Chair


Aug 2017

A Farewell Message from the Chair

Dear DNA members and friends, it has been an absolute pleasure serving DNA over the past couple years – as a board member and, most recently, as the Board Chair. I have met so many lovely, inspiring women and have made genuine friends in the process.

This summer I will be leaving DNA to complete my MBA in London, UK. I hope everyone is able to attend our July 5 happy hour to say goodbye! And don’t worry – the other board members will be filling in until we have a new Chair, so DNA will run smoothly as always.

I wish every one of you a happy, relaxing, and successful summer, as we all build our networks and achieve our professional dreams.

– Kelsey Ireland 
Outgoing DNA Chair


Jul 2017

What You Missed at DNA Happy Hour

Sunshine? Check!

Patio? Check!

Champagne? Definitely check!

The DNA ladies enjoyed a fabulous, sunny Happy Hour at the Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe. Unlike last year (when umbrellas were sadly needed!) things were nice and hot on the patio – even perhaps a little too hot for some; thankfully the terrace had lots of umbrellas! Everyone enjoyed a well earned glass of champagne and mingled, networking and chatting about summer plans with a great group of women.

If you’re still looking for outdoor summer fun, tickets are available for the Night at the Races! @ Hastings Racetrack on Friday, August 11 – see you there!

What You Missed at DNA Yoga on the Beach


Jul 2017

What You Missed at DNA Yoga on the Beach

The sun was shinning, the yoga mats were out, and the DNA ladies rocked an outdoor yoga class at Sunset Beach. Lucky for us, there was a nice breeze coming off the water because we got a great workout! Big thanks to Perfect Hearts Yoga Studio instructor Belinda Tkach for leading an excellent class, with clear instructions and lots of options for every level of yogi.

For many DNA members and non-members, this was the first time trying a yoga class outside a studio. Weather for the event was perfect (summer is finally here!) and onlookers were respectful of our space for the 1 and 15 minute class.

Following yoga, many ladies headed out for a much deserved brunch at nearby Ten Ten Tapas restaurant. Eggs Benedict, omelettes, and even soup were enjoyed alongside coffee and a few mimosas.

Everyone had a great day enjoying the sun, the great company of women, and all that makes Vancouver such an amazing place to live.


DNA Partnering with Body Balance Barre Studio


Jun 2017

DNA Partnering with Body Balance Barre Studio

DNA Vancouver is excited to announce that we are partnering with Body Balance Barre Studio! Conveniently located in downtown Vancouver at 555 Howe Street – Body Balance is a boutique Barre studio where all the classes are 45 minutes,  making it ideal for working women (and men!) to pop in during their busy day.

Body Balance is offering a complimentary class for all DNA members using the special promo code: DNA555 – see full details on how to sign up below.

Body Balance offers 3 types of Barre classes:

  • Balanced Barre – a signature Barre class
  • Yoga Barre – which incorporates elements of Yoga stretching
  • Barredio a Cardio Barre class

They have also recently added Buti Yoga and POP Pilates to the schedule too!

About Body Balance: “We are both fitness enthusiasts and we wanted to create a space for every-body, one that was welcoming, encouraging, effective and efficient for busy women. Our stance to fitness is not one that revolves around the endless chase of the perfect figure, but rather a mindful fitness approach designed to make people feel better as human beings!”

Body Balance has created a special promo code that will give all DNA members a complimentary class: DNA555

  1. Go to this page and Create an Account.
  2. Go to Online Store > Classes & Services > Classes > 1 Drop in Class $25.
  3. Enter the Promo Code at purchase, it will discount the price to $0.
  4. Book any class you want.

We look forward to seeing you at the studio!

What You Missed at DNA Dinner at Timber


May 2017

What You Missed at DNA Dinner at Timber

It’s a good thing the weather was beautiful the night the DNA ladies went to Timber restaurant for dinner – we all needed to walk home after such an amazing meal! We enjoyed a long table dinner with 5 courses, PLUS indulged in s’more in the outdoor fire pit.

Located in the West End, Timber restaurant offers casual west coast cuisine while staying close to Vancouver’s love of craft beer and cocktails. In true Canadian fashion, there were a variety of Caesars to drink, along with other cocktail choices and local craft brews. The food was amazing and served in shared plates style, some of the highlights included:

  • Deep fried cheese curds
  • Bison burgers with caramelized onion and bacon
  • Mac and cheese with sriracha ketchup

Everyone got a taste of the yummy stuff, without going overboard. And what was that about s’mores? Oh yes, Timber offers an outdoor seating area, complete with a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and creating your own s’mores. Fantastic food, weather, and people – what more do you need on a Thursday night?


May 2017

Taking Care of Yourself and Keeping Your Health a Top Priority

As an inspired, busy career woman, I know what it’s like to be chasing big goals while trying to maintain some balance in life. It’s exciting. It’s rewarding. It’s also sometimes exhausting and overwhelming to the point that you don’t know what time of day it is or when the last time you got up from your desk or computer.

My question to you: when was the last time you stopped to eat? And when you did, did you reach for something to really help fuel you or did you go for the take out menu?

I know self care is often the first thing that takes a backseat when we’re focused on accomplishing all that we want. I get it. I also know the thought of trying to decipher healthy eating can be hard and the last thing you want to think about sometimes. But what if I told you it would actually help you to be more productive, more engaged, and more capable to truly give back to others? What’s that saying, we can’t take care of others unless we first take care of ourselves. Eating well is one of the best things you can do to keep you sharp and energized to go after what you want.

So how can you eat better without having to spend too much time thinking about it?

Here are 3 simple ways you can be more intentional about taking care of yourself and keep your health a top priority:

I’m sure most of you out there are big on planning. It’s how you manage all the awesome priorities you’ve got to juggle. Eating well is no different. So set up your week to win. Taking some time to think about what you can eat is the key to staying on the healthy eating track rather than going for the fast food option when you’re too tired and hungry to think.

A few quick preparations on the weekend will help you be able to to prepare quick, healthy meal options. Some easy suggestions that you can cook ahead of time and have on hand in the fridge are hard boiled eggs, some type of whole grain, pre-chopped vegetables, and a protein like chicken breast. 20-30 minutes of cooking on the weekend is all you need put aside – which goes a long way during the week.

Be Purposeful
I know as busy professionals, stepping away from our work is something that can seem scary – and almost impossible at times. I’m going to say it, step away from the computer! Taking short breaks to nourish yourself with good food does wonders for your productivity. Your energy will be higher, you give your brain time to reset and therefore improve your overall workflow.

Life moves fast. Strategy is everything.

Make your health and well being a priority and you’ll set yourself up for success on all levels!

About Krista:

Krista is a healthy living expert, wellness coach, real food lover, and creator at Real Food, Real Simple. She’s on a mission to educate and inspire others to create happier, healthier lives.

Her philosophy about healthy food is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. She helps people take the confusion out of food and offers simple solutions to eating well. Krista believes in creating healthy habits, not restrictions.

Krista is a born and raised Vancouverite and enjoys an active lifestyle through hiking, biking, and beach volleyball.


May 2017

Join the DNA Board: VP Communications

DNA Vancouver has an exciting volunteer opportunity on our Board for the role of VP Communications.

Board Member Duties Will Include:

Newsletter (Mailchimp)

  • Collecting written content for monthly newsletter
  • Editing and sending out all communications to current email list according to agreed upon reminder schedule, depending on the type of event.
  • Distributing all other communications approved and created by DNA board (membership directory, etc)

Website (WordPress)

  • Generate blog posts following events
  • Post current events and welcome members to be a guest blogger
  • Upload photos from recent events
  • General website and email alias access, updates and improvements

HR + Branding / Social Media

  • Create job descriptions and job postings, post across relevant channels
  • Generate some social media posts in coordination with VP Digital

Ideal Skill Set:

  • Strong English communications skills both written and verbal, with a flair for using the “DNA voice” in writing
  • Previous experience using MailChimp and WordPress highly recommended (basic html is a bonus!)
  • Strong editing skills; eye for design in newsletter and website layout

Ideal Candidate:

  • Professional female (5+ years work experience preferred) looking to join a committed, close knit group of other motivated, career-minded women. Board positions are for 2 years, so this is a long term opportunity to make a lasting impact.
  • Student/or/lower work experience applications may be considered, but may start as an intern position before transitioning to the VP role.

Estimated commitment is 5 hours a month, plus board meetings and event attendance.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume and a quick email introduction to Lauren Girdler at:

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