If you’re a professional woman in Vancouver looking to network while also having fun – consider joining DNA!

DNA Membership Perks:


Cost of Membership

DNA membership fees are: $60.00 – 1 Year Membership  or $110 – 2 Year Membership. Prices apply to both new and renewing memberships.

As a registered non-profit society requiring general liability insurance, tax filing, etc., a portion of each membership fee goes towards covering the cost of these administrative items.  The rest is used to subsidize the ticket costs to our members of our hosted events.  All board members work purely as volunteers.

Become a Member

If you’d like to join DNA, you can buy a 1 or 2 year membership through Eventbrite: JOIN DNA. We’d also love to know more about you, and appreciate you completing this short application form. It will send a copy to our current board, so we can officially welcome you to the group!

Membership Renewal

If you’re renewing your DNA membership, you can renew through Eventbrite: RENEWING DNA. If possible, we’d also love for you to fill out a renewal form to make sure we still have all your up to date contact details and preferences.


DNA Partnership/Sponsor Opportunities

We love connecting with other networking organizations!

Please contact us if you have an idea for a shared event, or would like to invite our members to attend your event.

Do you have a Vancouver business/product/charity you would like featured with our amazing group as your captive audience?

 Contact us for sponsorship opportunities – we are keen to support local organizations.


Membership Disclaimer

I authorize the Downtown Networking Association (“DNA”) to collect, retain and release my personal information (as disclosed above and any future information about myself that I supply to the DNA or any of the Board Members and including any photographs of myself taken in conjunction with the DNA), as the DNA sees fit, including but not limited to release of my information to DNA members, DNA partners, DNA sponsors, DNA event hosts and/or posting of my information on the DNA’s website, release of my information through any communication medium, written or oral, etc.  I understand that I may, at any time, revoke the above authorization by advising the DNA, in writing, sent to the attention of the DNA Chair, of my intention to do so and that the DNA will cease distributing my information upon receipt of the same

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